Lose Weight in Summer!

12th July 2019 - by Indre Daukintyte

If you have been looking to get into shape and shed those extra pounds, this summer is the best time to start.

There is no time like the present! The sunny season provides you with all the tools you need to reach your goal weight.

Whether it is encouraging you to be more active outsides or providing you with nature's bounty of fat-fighting foods, read up on these tips and you'll start to see the scale tip in your favor — finally!

More light and fresh food

Summer-special fruits such as watermelon, cantaloupe and pears allow you to keep your cool and feel full. The plethora of cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes make salad meals easy. These foods are teeming with the dynamic duo of toxin-clearing antioxidants and the weight-loss superstar, fiber. This macronutrient will fill you up, maintain consistent energy levels, and feed your anti-inflammatory probiotics—ultimately helping you achieve your weight loss goals a lot easier.

Grill time

Cooking outdoors often means leaner meat and fish, with less use of oil and heavy sauces. 

Plus, when you are cooking more at home, you have control over ingredients, calories, and nutrition quality. Toss some onions, peppers, zucchini and other vegetables over the coals to boost your fiber intake.

The Heat Suppresses Your Appetite

According to Loughborough University researchers out of the UK, men who exercised in a hot environment (30° F) tended to eat less than those in a neutral (20° F) environment, whereas those who exercised in a cooler setting (10° F) tended to eat more.

Overall, warmer athletes consumed 12 percent fewer calories and reported feeling 15 percent less hungry than those who were chilly, even though there were no differences in appetite-related hormones. 

The Endless Types of Outdoor Activities

When the sun is shining, a whole new world of fitness activities offer fun and an excellent way to maintain your beach body. And if you exercise in hot weather, your body has to work harder to keep its internal environment stable, which can lead to more calories burned. 

You Drink More Water

In summer, water intake most likely increases due to thirst and those water-dense summer foods.

Study after study links water intake with weight loss. Water helps your body burn more calories, regardless of your level of activity. Whenever you eat or drink, your body has to work to assimilate whatever you ingest.

To boot, water satiates us—so we eat less, too.

So stop wasting time and get started and you could end up losing up to 10-15 kgs by the end of summer!




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