6 Lipolaser €149

6th January 2022 - by Indre Daukintyte

Lipolaser is a cosmetic treatment that supports body sculpting; helps remove excess fat and cellulite, without damaging other tissues such as nerves, skin or blood vessels.

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Only this month 6 Lipolaser sessions €149

The Marion Mizzi Programme includes:

  • Slimming Treatments (For Inch-Loss, Anti-Cellulite, Toning & Firming)
  • 7 Step Diet
  • Constant Support
  • Weekly Weigh-Ins
  • Marion Mizzi Motivational Talks

Over the 45 years, we have been in operation, the Marion Mizzi Slimming Clubs have helped thousands of men and women in both Malta and Gozo lose weight, regain their health and their self-confidence.

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The Maritim Antonine Hotel, Mellieha 21524025
Marion Mizzi Wellbeing, Fgura - 21896545 or 21675696
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6 Body SCULPT sessions

6th January 2022

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