Malta’s Fight with Fat Ends Here

3rd May 2019 - by EBM Editor

 “Obesity is a dying weigh of life.”

This quote defines the gravity of obesity as a disease and how it is gradually eating at the roots of humanity. What leads to obesity is however, under our control and discretion. Monitoring dietary habits, regular exercising, taking care of holistic health are some lifestyle changes vital to weight loss. So is identifying the factors that cause primordial stress and consciously working on mitigating those. But given our highly stressful lives, irregular and unhealthy eating, erratic work hours, demanding jobs, peer pressure and more, maintaining a healthy lifestyle seems like an arduous task.

The challenge is even more for those who lead sedentary corporate lives working at a desk for 8-10 or more hours a day. But who would expect an archipelago in the Mediterranean sea known for its majestic historic sites to be also known for its obesity rates? As a cross-sectional study by National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) for 2014-2016 suggests, about 69.75 percent of the Maltese population is both overweight and obese. In fact, among the European countries, Malta stands only second to Turkey in obesity rates, says the World Health Organization (WHO). The junk eating habits of the Maltese population coupled with their sedentary lifestyles and lack of outdoor activities are to blame for the country’s predominant weight issue that is bearing heavy on the health of several human generations at once, especially as adolescent and child obesity is on the rise in the Mediterranean island.

But not all looks grim! With continuously evolving new-age technologies and easily doable activities, keeping in shape is not a herculean task. Having said that, healthy weight loss needs a well-planned programme with a nutritional plan and fitness goals in place, consistent patience and sometimes dedicated guidance to keep you on track on your fitness journey! Several innovative slimming treatments have come up, challenging tough fitness goals and everyday weight management issues.

As every physique is different, so are the metabolism rates, and the capability to fulfil regular fitness goals! A customized weight loss nutrition programme and tailored toning treatments are what you need to get started!

Our 3-step slimming technique—‘consult’, ‘achieve’ and ‘maintain’ is a systematic and result-oriented procedure to help you achieve your weight loss goals with a detailed diet plan created after consulting your fitness needs; nutritional products and unique fitness recipes to eat right and eat healthy and maintenance courses so you can keep the shape you have worked so hard for.

Close to four decades, we have worked with thousands of people in Malta helping them counterattack obesity and boost their self-esteem. An apt body weight is essential for your holistic health and well-being and so our avant-garde technologies for firming, toning and weight loss treatments are tailor-made with nutritional recipes and dietary supplements in Malta. Make us a part of your journey of well-being and let our skilled teams encourage you to achieve feats that seem nearly impossible at the beginning.

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