Marion Mizzi Goes Online

16th March 2021 - by Indre Daukintyte

Marion Mizzi Goes Online - 2 or 4-week specifically designed programmes to help you achieve your weight loss, detox or wellbeing goals totally online. We teach to adopt a healthy lifestyle, keep your motivation going and support you at any time - our programme includes:

  • Our professional team member will explain all the steps towards your journey through interactive videos- you'll receive a video twice a week, you will be able to get to know more about food, calories, nutritional values - also video includes cooking lessons and exercises examples.
  • Weekly Marion Mizzi Motivational Talks
  • Weekly diet sheets and planners
  • A personalized diet according to your needs
  • Guidance through your journey
  • Constant support (one to one calls twice a week)
  • Invitation in a private Facebook group for more support and motivation - we are stronger together.
Call us now form more information: 77451587 or 21896545 or 21 370208 or 21 524025 or send us a private message on Facebook

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WRITTEN BY Indre Daukintyte

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