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2-months programme to lose 10 kilos




Inch-loss, Toning & Firming Programme To Achieve The Desired Body Shape

A 2-Month Programme €250

(Programme can be frozen for not more than one week)


  • - 2 Sessions (Only Muscle Stimulation) Per Week.
  • Best for toning, reshaping, firming body and maintaining muscle definition. 45 min is equivalent 30 hours in the gym.
  • - Weigh-Ins Per Session
  • - The Marion Mizzi 7-Step Diet
  • - Marion Mizzi Motivational Talk Per Session
  • - One-To-One Guidance & Support Per Session


Fat Burning & Skin Tightening BOOSTER 1

Mix Your Programme Choose 5 Treatments For an extra €150

  • - The Diathermy Heat Wrap - Gives a sense of well-being and relaxation. Relieves stiff, aching limbs, muscles and joints.
  • - Cellulite Vacuum Therapy - Lifts the cellulite away from the muscle, encouraging blood flow.
  • - Radio Frequency - Boosts collagen production, circulation & fat release from tissues.
  • - Mesotherapy - Reduce cellulite appearance. Great for weight loss, body sculpting & toning and alopecia. Fast results. 
  • - Pressotherapy - It helps to detoxify & eliminate toxins from the body. Great for cellulite reduction and water retention.
  • - Lipo Cavitation - Best for reducing cellulite and adipose fat
  • - Body Sculpt - Stimulates muscle contraction and burns fat naturally. It helps to produce reliable and natural-looking results. 30min = 30.000 sit-ups.
  • - Lipo Laser - Laser-based, fat reduction & body contouring treatment. Penetrates the skin and targets specific fat cells

Fastest Way to Eliminate Fats BOOSTER 2

Choose 2 Treatments of Hifu or Fat Freezing for an extra €100

1. HIFU (30 minutes)

is a revolutionary alternative to surgical face and body lifts. This fantastic treatment helps rebuild the collagen and fibroblasts within the deepest layers of the skin, thus reducing flabby skin after weight loss.
Can be applied:
  • - Face and Neck
  • - Arms
  • - Belly
  • - Inner Thighs
  • - Buttocks

2. Fat Freezing (30 minutes)

Non-surgical fat reduction treatment. It works by targeting and freezing fat cells, which are then naturally eliminated from your body.

Weight Loss Starter Kit BOOSTER 3

It helps To Reduce Cravings for an extra €130

Sweet Meal Replacement | Soup Meal Replacement | Supplements | Recipe Book | Body Cream

Purchase Any 2 Boosters & Get a FREE One-Phase Facial

Purchase Any 3 Boosters & Get a FREE Two-Phase Facial

T&C - The client understands and accepts that he/she is buying a period of time - within these two months, the client is entitled to benefit from 2 weekly sessions. Any session not held within the specific week will not be carried forward to the following. The salon will not be responsible for sessions not carried out during the two months. Each 2-month programme comes with a one-week freeze period. The salon would need to be advised before making use of said freeze. Should the client decide to stop the course for any reason, a credit note will be issued - each session utilised will be charged at its individual cost and not at course value.

Contact us: 

  • AX Palace Hotel, Sliema +356 22623421
  • Marion Mizzi Wellbeing Fgura, Zabbar Road +356 21896545 / 21675696
  • Maritim Antonine Hotel, Mellieha 21524025


Weight loss can offer numerous health benefits that can improve your overall wellbeing. 

  • – Reduces Risk of Chronic Diseases
  • – Improved Hear Health
  • – Increased Energy
  • – Improved Mobility
  • – Improved Mental Health
  • – Improved Quality of Life


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