The Ultimate Summer Spa Day

14th June 2022 - by Indre Daukintyte

Looking for an unforgettable experience?

Step into this space dedicated to wellness and care of body and mind. Step into this space dedicated to wellness and care of body and mind.

Relax with an indoor pool or a large outdoor pool, a gym to release endorphins and be energised, a sauna to improve blood circulation, and a jacuzzi where the bubbles will soothe any loose nerves.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to soothe muscle aches and pains with a relaxing massage of your choice. What do we include?

  • Customized treatment
  • Outdoor pool (unlimited time)
  • Spa facilities (unlimited time) (jacuzzi, indoor pool, sauna)
75 minutes | €85

"Feel your skin glowing, hydrated and soft as you enjoy a complete treatment, reconnecting with your positive side."
To purchase send us a private message, or call on:
  • Radisson Blu, St. Julians (+356) 23751932

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WRITTEN BY Indre Daukintyte

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