22nd January 2018 - by Indre Daukintyte

Cravings can emerge at any point, but can be subdued. When cravings are repeated over and over again they will become a habit; typical examples are when one regularly consumes biscuits at tea time or consumes salty delicacies and peanuts while watching television.

Whenever cravings become habits we become a victim of the habit. Although sugary foods such as cakes and biscuits give us the impression of comfort and happiness at the time of consumption, in practice this is an illusion!

In reality, this is not a state of happiness, but a few moments of good taste. After having eaten, you will feel more miserable than before, as you will soon realise that you would have lost control. The end result is more calories, translating into weight gain and feeling even more miserable.

Cravings impact an individual for around ten minutes, once the individual has managed to resist these cravings during this brief period, it will subside.

Our task is to gain control over the habit. The meal replacement is very helpful during these periods. You can take 1 scoop of the Marion Mizzi meal replacement as a treat of the day from the seven-step diet. This is particularly helpful when the craving is very powerful.

Other options are to consume fruit, diet sweets, herbal tea, water, and eating at your leisure from the side dishes in the recipe book.

It is vital to remind yourselves in periods of craving, that what you are craving is what has been holding you back all this time. They are those few extra items which account for your weight gain. Without these items in your diet, you will achieve your desired shape and size, never looking back.

The longest duration of craving is around ten minutes. It is vital that we have personal discipline, and be happy that every time we have a craving we are in control of the situation.

The Golden Rule: Keep in mind that you are the master of both the creation and deletion of the habit. Thus perseverance and absolute discipline are the key to your success.

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