The benefits of vegetables in a slimming diet

5th January 2018 - by Indre Daukintyte

Vegetables represent a relatively cheap source of vitamins, they include nutrients ranging from carbohydrates (potatoes, onions), proteins (leafy greens), vitamin A (carrots, tomatoes), and vitamin B (garlic) together with vitamin C (green chili), proteins which neutralise body acids, and also contain fibre to ensure regular bowel movements.

Vegetables are very tasty and are indispensable within our daily diet, these possess a low calorific value while increasing volume and not contributing to weight gain.

Although vegetables contain a high level of vitamins and minerals, they do not generate cravings for more food.

The Marion Mizzi diet includes two kilos of vegetables on a daily basis. These are included in the main meals and side dishes. It is strongly recommended to vary your consumption of vegetables, and not to overcook them so as to ensure a mixed intake of different nutrients.

Overcooking your vegetables will decrease their mineral and vitamin content which are so essential to the human body.

The inclusion of vegetables is highly important in all recipe preparations and the consumption of vegetables in their raw state is recommended not only to enjoy the crunching pleasure, but also to ensure full mineral intake.

There are certain vegetables which you must avoid whenever undergoing a weight loss diet. This includes all starchy vegetables such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, and Jerusalem artichokes.

Since vegetable are easily accessible, fresh vegetables are recommended. However, you can also opt for frozen or canned options. It is important that no oil, starchy vegetables, or legumes are added.

The following are a set of practical tips which are recommended to those following a weight loss diet:

  • Purchase vegetables which are in season, since they are fresh and more affordable
  • Do not stick to a few preferred vegetables as this will narrow your intake of nutrients
  • The more you vary the type of vegetables, and the methods you choose to cook them, the greater the interest generated, not only until the end of the weight loss program, but also beyond
  • The bulk of the vegetables should be prepared as a daily routine first thing in the morning. This is necessary since in the absence of vegetables there is a tendency to resort to old eating habits
  • Where possible, it is recommended to leave the skin on since this is an extra source vitamins and fibre
  • The water in which the vegetables have been cooked can be used for stocks or enjoyed as a drink

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