Louise Vella

24th October 2018 - by Indre Daukintyte

An incredible story about how successful weight loss changed her life.

Meet our hero Louise Vella, who lost 20 kilos and got the quality of her life back!

Before "feeling exhausted all the time"

Louise started to put on weight as she faced a condition which made her body reject iron, for 5 years her condition was making her unbelievably exhausted. It led her to lead a very inactive life where she used to spend her evenings snacking thus piling on weight. As a consequence her body got weak and her muscles started to wither. She couldn't walk more than 20 minutes without losing her breath nor could she walk up the stairs without fainting! All this added up to +22 kilograms in excess weight.

When advised by her doctor that she needs to lose weight, Louise decided to go on a diet. She tried different diets, was very disciplined, though still none of them worked. Louise says she found every day a real struggle: "Even my moral was not high." The lack of success and motivation was the decisive moment when she decided she needed to do something serious, so she went ahead and joined the Marion Mizzi weight loss programme.

Now "the quality of life is much better"

Since Louise started her weight loss programme - everything has changed. She got the quality of her life back. She has now lost almost all the weight she had gained over the past 5 years. Louise can proudly buy herself the size S dresses she so missed when forced to wear clothes size  XL. However, she stresses: "How I look was never a priority. Of course, it's nice to fit into a size S dress, when I look in the mirror it's a WOW, I feel much happier. Though, the most important is how I feel now. I don't faint anymore, I can easily walk 1 hour and not get tired, I can play with my daughter chasing her in the playing ground! These are all simple things I was unable to do before before. I have regained the quality of my life!" 

"Here I get motivation and support"

Louise assures that proper guidance and support is necessary on a weight loss journey if you want to succeed. She had tried many things before and nothing worked until she finally knocked on our door. "Moreover, as I cannot do sports, here I get muscle stimulation with the machines, so I don't lose my strength and my muscles do not wither - Whenever I come here I get so much motivation and best of all I not only look better but also feel better," - she adds. 

"When one is trying to lose weight the most important thing is discipline and maintenance. This is obviously much easier when you get the right guidance and support."

We hope this story inspires you!

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