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8th January 2018 - by Indre Daukintyte

Have you tried to lose weight before and why didn’t it work?
I had tried to lose weight multiple times before, but every time I failed because the meals were not filling and I found myself snacking a lot.

I decided it was time to start taking my health seriously and start a weight loss programme when I began to suffer from pain in my knees. I realised that the pain was due to the fact I was overweight and my knees couldn’t support my body weight. I heard a lot about Marion Mizzi’s weight loss programme from my friends and on Facebook, so I decided to try it out for myself.

During my weight loss journey, the biggest challenge I encountered was my cravings and temptation to eat foods that were not included in my weight loss programme. I had to control myself and with help of the Marion Mizzi staff, I managed to overcome these cravings.

At first I found it difficult to follow the diet plan, but with time I was able to memorise and master the recipes of my favorite meals. Now I find it very easy to stick to the diet plan, and I have always food prepared.

My favourite meal replacement was the vegetable soup, and strawberry sweet. They are very tasty, contain all necessary vitamins and minerals, and keep me full for many hours. Among the treatments I found the Muscle Stimulation, Radio Frequency, and Lipo Cavitation very useful.

Attending the Marion Mizzi weight loss programme was a life changing experience for me, and since I started, I feel beautiful, sexy and I am more confident in everything I do.

My one piece of advice for others struggling to lose weight or feeling uncomfortable in their own bodies:
Stay focused, disciplined, be positive, and be strong to achieve your goal. Only then will you find happiness and confidence whilst being healthy!

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WRITTEN BY Indre Daukintyte

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