Nadia and Jacques Scerri

10th October 2018 - by Indre Daukintyte

Are you looking for motivation or advice on how to lose weight?

Meet our hero couple: Nadia and Jacques Scerri! They have already achieved great results and are still on track. Continue reading their story and get motivated!

Before “Always tired, lethargic, worried about health problems”

In previous years the Scerris never needed to watch their weight, they never really had to worry about being overweight. Yet after some lifestyle changes, their bodies started to change too. Nadia put on weight after giving birth and becoming a family woman - whereas Jacques no longer remained fit after giving up professional football - a sport he practiced all his life. As time went by the couple started to feel extremely uncomfortable about these body changes. “Always tired, lethargic, worried about health problems” - were the feelings they woke up to on a daily basis. They followed no diet, did no exercise and kept putting on weight. Nadia started to despise going to the beach and Jacques found it difficult to do sports, although he was a sportsman! Those unnecessary kilos brought a lot of discomfort and stress to their lives. 
 Leading them to the decision that it was time to lose weight.

Now “We have so much motivation, much more energy and no stress. We feel healthier and inspired to keep this lifestyle”

It has been 4 months since Nadia and Jacques started their Marion Mizzi Slimming program - Today, excess weight is a problem of the past. For Nadia the beach doesn’t sound scary anymore and for Jacques jogging has become an enjoyable pass time once again. “We have so much motivation, much more energy and no stress. We feel healthier and inspired to keep this lifestyle”. What is the secret of their Success? How do they remain motivated to constantly maintain their diet? Don't they ever 'cheat'? Nadia and Jaques respond: “After two weeks it already becomes easier, you start to see the results and your motivation skyrockets, you start to think healthy - Of course you do crave, but at those moments drinking water or green tea helps a lot. You also definitely don’t want to ruin all the progress you achieved for a couple of seconds of pleasure. Then there are our visits to the Slimming Club-  every time we come here we get so much motivation, the environment here is so positive. We are always greeted by welcoming faces, hear those inspiring speeches and feel the genuine support. It really helps us stay on track. For us it is as an opportunity to relax, to stay here and spend that one hour together having a treatment and escaping from the daily rush”. 

“Feeling regret and doing nothing is the worst thing you can do for yourself.”

For those who are overweight or don’t feel comfortable with their bodies, Nadia and Jacques recommend starting the journey immediately. They believe the worst thing one can do is suffer and do nothing to change this.

Nadia already lost 18,6 kg and Jacques 30,6 kg, in only 4 months - such results are amazing and we are really proud to share their story! 

Do you want to change in your life? Find a healthier and happier lifestyle? Our friendly team of professional therapists are ready to help you to take the first step.

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WRITTEN BY Indre Daukintyte

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