Pippa Xuereb Lost 26 Kilos With Marion Mizzi Wellbeing Programme

10th July 2020 - by Indre Daukintyte

Pippa lost 26 kilos! She is sharing her story with us.  

My success journey started when my dear friend suggested Marion Mizzi Wellbeing Slimming Club at the Palace Hotel in Sliema. 

I was a person who was living to eat, but not eating to live. I was nibbling a lot. I was feeling bad to undress in front of my partner. It was hard to put my shoes on... And all those things made me unhappy. Until I step into Marion Mizzi Slimming Club.

My weight was 93,1, and now I am 66,9 kilos I lost 26 kilos with Marion Mizzi programme. I had achieved what I wanted.

I am 62 years old, and I have always had a weight problem. I tried many different diets but could have reached only temporary results, and all the time, my lost weight was coming back. I couldn't maintain the menu as a lifestyle until I started the Marion Mizzi programme.

The programme is the combination of the fantastic recipes (I didn't have to refuse my favourite meals). Also, the staff always gives motivation and support, and I should mention amazing treatments that help inch-loss, fat, and cellulite reduction.


I started with the purple book, "A Journey To A Happy You." The recipes are to die for. Once I did a cabbage pie, my husband and my son in law were disappointed that they would not be going to eat it.

The recipes are delicious, and it's like you are eating regular food. It's not only vegetables and grilled chicken, or salad every day as it wouldn't last. It's the combination of all food I like but in a healthy and calorie-counted way. You are not getting bored with this. I have used a lot of different recipes from 3 different Marion Mizzi books, they are excellent, have a strong taste, have many spices, and are not expensive to prepare. I was very strict to the recipes, If it's written that I cannot add something, I have never added.

Whoever I showed this book they asked me: is it a DIET book?


What I like about the programme that I was getting support anytime I needed it. The therapist always asked what I have cooked today, and they are motivating not to stick on one recipe not to get bored. They can always suggest some recipes that they were cooking! 


My favourite treatment is Muscle Stimulation, and I found it very useful. It's best to include different treatments, as when you are losing weight, you need to reduce that flatness that you are getting.

Furthermore, one is always motivated to lose weight, with free treatments as facial or slimming sessions.

However, it's incredible that Marion's Slimming club in Sliema, has a steam room and the pool. I love to wake up in the morning and start my day in the swimming pool and steam room.


The tablets are excellent. I found out that the older one gets, the metabolism does slow down. And the pills help to speed it up. (The L-Carnitine is a natural product which will help you to boost metabolism)


All the time, one can think that it's a challenge that one cannot achieve. But YOU can ACHIEVE it. 


Pippa Xuereb lost 26 kilos with Marion Mizzi Wellbeing Slimming Programme. 

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WRITTEN BY Indre Daukintyte

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