Mario Spiteri

2nd January 2018 - by Brand and Pepper

Mario Spiteri lost 50kg

I have tried losing weight several times before I started using Marion Mizzi Slimming. I think that I never previously succeeded because I lacked consistent support from not only the people around me, but also the instructors.

My main goal was to become healthier, fitter and lose weight in order to look better and feel more confident about myself.

I chose Marion Mizzi after hearing about the amazing success people had achieved, I knew that they must be very professional in what they do.

I initially struggled with the weight loss programme as I found it quite time consuming and I had not given it priority in my life. However, after much encouragement, and after seeing the results already starting to come in, I became more motivated, and ensured I put 100% of my effort, and energy into achieving my weight loss goals.

The diet plans are delicious and extremely varied which really helped me follow the diet plan. The Marion Mizzi recipe books were also really helpful when it came to planning my meals, and discovering methods to tweak my favourite meals, making them healthier.

Since I began my journey with Marion Mizzi Slimming, my life has changed dramatically. I finally feel healthier, more confident, and can finally say I believe in myself!

Marion Mizzi Slimming helped me break my old negative and destructive habits, teaching me to take up healthy eating habits and training routines. I have started loving going to the gym, something I previously detested with a passion. I make sure I include a good work out into my daily routine.

I would like to encourage anyone struggling with weight issues to never give up. Where there is a will there is a way.

I would like to thank the Marion Mizzi team for the constant support, and my loving wife who supports me in everything I do. Without your support and encouragement, I would not have been as successful.

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