Thomas Clinch

16th July 2019 - by Indre Daukintyte

Meet Thomas Clinch, a very positive and intelligent person to whom I have the pleasure to speak today.

12 years ago Thomas met Marion Mizzi and since then his life has changed completely.

His journey did not start on what one can call one of our ‘traditional’ weight loss programmes. Thomas joined us when he decided to participate in a TV Show organised by Marion 12 years ago, called “Kilo”, where he and 13 other people were trying to lose weight and win a cash prize.

Initially, Thomas wasn’t selected as a participant, though someone dropped out of the show on the first night so eventually he was invited to replace said participant and that was when he first learned about “Marion Mizzi Wellbeing”.

What was it that drove him to participate in this show? Thomas answers - The first and most important factor was the doctor’s recommendation to lose weight.

Thomas was living a really nonchalant life, not caring about his health, not even about his family. He used to drink high amounts of alcohol on a daily basis, eating mostly junk food, he just had no control over the food he consumed. His weight at the time was 132 kilos and he could feel it in his knees, joints, and back - These were causing him constant pain - there was a need to do something about it. Moreover, the prize was very tempting, so the decision was made: “why not”.

Eventually, Thomas turned out to be the most dedicated participant in the programme. He lost 42 kilos and won the main prize. But this is not what he is excited about. He says “I wasn’t ashamed of how I looked, but what I am ashamed of, is how I was living”.

Since this event, Thomas’s life has absolutely changed. In Thomas’s words, Marion showed him what is really important and made him understand the impact of body weight for one’s general wellbeing.

After getting rid of excess weight Thomas’s joints never hurt again, he totally quit alcohol and junk food, he started going out and enjoying more time with his family. “My look, my life, and my view are absolutely different since then - I started to care about life and now I feel like a 30 year old man. I can hold my breath, I can run, walk and feel pleasure doing it. Marion Mizzi has changed my life and I will be always grateful for what she did.”

Thomas gives one word of advice to everyone:

If you are in pain - the best medicine is to lose weight. Doctors cannot do miracles. You must heal yourself.

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WRITTEN BY Indre Daukintyte

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