Relax, indulge yourself and be healthy

20th January 2018 - by Indre Daukintyte

Think of massage as an indulgence?

Massage is a powerful tool for health and well-being — from easing pain and inflammation to soothing stress and anxiety.

Scrunching our shoulders, craning our necks, sitting for long hours, driving in rush-hour traffic — such mundane activities can create patterns of muscle tension (referred to as “holding”) in the body Our bodies and minds are effected negatively when our muscles are chronically tense or tweaked.

Some studies have found that up to 91% of people agree that professional massages can be effective in reducing and relieving pain.

Find out more about the practical benefits of massage:

It compensates for long hours spent sitting

Massage improves circulation, thus allowing more oxygen and nutrients to flow to the bones. Massage also increases muscle flexibility and joint movement thus reducing pain and joint stiffness.

It alleviates muscle pain

Certain massage movements reduce muscular tension and cramps by relaxing and stretching the muscles. Muscles become more flexible since muscle tone is reduced. Massage is more effective in restoring over exercised muscles than rest.

It appeases depression and anxiety

A soothing massage provides relief from insomnia and tension headaches which are caused by nervous irritability and stress. On the other hand, a stimulating massage relieves fatigue and lethargy.

Boosts the immune system

A full body massage triggers the nervous system to enter the parasympathetic response leading to relaxation. The body sends more energy and resources via healing and restoration processes.

Wards off asthma

Our respiratory muscles loosen up during a full body massage thus allowing us to breathe better.

Body skin benefits

Dead skin cells are removed during a full body massage thus contributing to improved skin tone. The skin is healthier and also looks better thanks to blood flow stimulation. The oils used during a massage moisturize the skin while providing the oils’ benefits.

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WRITTEN BY Indre Daukintyte

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